Grand Jiangnan City Stopover Tours (Tour code: GHW)
Itinerary A: Shanghai / Nanjing / Wuxi / Suzhou / Shanghai / Hangzhou 6N7D
Itinerary B: Shanghai / Nanjing / Wuxi / Suzhou / Shanghai / Hangzhou / Shanghai 6N7D
Itinerary C: Shanghai / Nanjing / Wuxi / Suzhou / Shanghai / Hangzhou / Shanghai 7N8D
Itinerary D: Shanghai / Nanjing / Wuxi / Suzhou / Shanghai / Hangzhou / Guangzhou 6N7D
D01, THU Ottawa-Shanghai
D02, FRI/SUN Shanghai or Nanjing arrival X 【5*Great Tang Hotel】or 【5*Zhenbao Holiday Hotel Transfer to hotel】
D03, SAT/MON Shanghai/Nanjing B,L,D 【5*Zhenbao Holiday Hotel/similar】
Free Activities for Nanjing arrival guest for morning. After lunch: Meet your guide in Nanjing. Visit【Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum】. Afternoon: Continue to 【City Wall】, the largest existing ancient city wall in China. Passing 【Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge】, followed by 【Confucius Temple Bazaar】.
D04, SUN/TUE Nanjing/Wuxi B,L,D 【5*Ramada Wuxi Hotel/similar】
Morning: Transfer to take bus from Nanjing to Wuxi. Visit the 【Liyuan Garden】 and 【Taihu Lake Scenic Area】. Afternoon: Continue to 【Xihui Park】 and 【Jichang Park】.
D05, MON/WED Wuxi/Suzhou B,L,D 【5*Chunshenhu Resort Hotel/similar】
Morning: Transfer to Shantangjie. Have a 【cruise at Shantangjie Water Town】, followed by 【Hanshan Temple】. Afternoon, Continue to 【Panmen Gate】, 【Mudu Scenic Area】. Enjoy 【Fashion Show】, 【Golden Cock Lake Scenic Area】-Suzhou newly developed Zone, 【Yuanrun Time Square】.
D06, TUE/THU Suzhou/Shanghai B,L,D 【5*Great Town Hotel/similar】
Morning: Take a bus to Shanghai. Visit the 【City God Temple Bazaar】. Today’s City God Temple Bazaar is composed of specialty stores selling traditional Chinese arts and crafts, medicine and souvenirs. Afternoon: Free shopping at 【Nanjing Road】. Appreciating scenery at 【Pudong newly developed zone】and visit Honey Store. Continue to outside view of the 【Oriental Pearl Tower】, the modern symbol of Shanghai city.
D07, WED/FRI Shanghai/Hangzhou B,L,D 【5*Edinburgh Holiday Hotel/Similar】
Morning: Transfer to Hangzhou by bus. Take painted boat on 【West Lake】. Then visit 【Meijiawu Tea Plantation】. Afternoon: Continue to enjoy 【Fish Wonder at Huagang Crook】. And then pay a visit to 【Jingci Temple】.
From here, you have three choices as follows:
D08(Itinerary A),THU/SAT Hangzhou departure B
Transfer to Hangzhou airport after breakfast. End service
D08(Itinerary B),THU/SAT Hangzhou/Shanghai departure B
Transfer to airport shuttle bus station from Hangzhou to Shanghai airport, then take a shuttle bus to Shanghai airport
D08(Itinerary C),THU/SAT Hangzhou/Shanghai B,X,X 【5*Great Tang Hotel】
Transfer to Shanghai by bus or train. Upon arrival in Shanghai, please self-charge the expense of taxi to hotel
D08(Itinerary D (including the air ticket and tax of Hangzhou/Guangzhou)),THU/SAT HANGZHOU/Guangzhou B 【Lido Hotel/similar】
Transfer to Hangzhou airport and take a flight to Guangzhou. Upon arrival Guangzhou airport, transfer to hotel.
D09(Itinerary C),FRI/SUN Shanghai B,X,X 【5*Great Tang Hotel】
EXPO Shanghai period, entrance ticket for free (only includes hotel accommodation and entrance ticket, excludes meals and transfer.)
D09(Itinerary D (including the air ticket and tax of Hangzhou/Guangzhou)),FRI/SUN Guangzhou departure
Transfer to airport by themselves (self-charge the transfer expense and breakfast)
Free Choices:
Visiting relatives and friends in Guangdong Province and Hong Kong
BUS from hotel to Hong, but self-charge the expense
Free Choice of the departure city-Guangzhou or Hong Kong
D10(Itinerary C),SAT/MON Shanghai departure B
Self-charge transfer to airport after breakfast